Evaluation questions for Trainers

Questions to ask: (open questions, so that trainers can add their comments, recommendations, etc. )
1. The workshop: was it effective? In your opinion: was it relevant for the participants?
2. In the workshop, everyone used sign language. How important is this? For you, as the trainer? For the participants?
3. At each workshop, we had two trainers: is this a good idea? Or can it be one trainer?
4. The trainers: must they be deaf sign language users?
5. The trainers: do they need special training? Must they be experienced trainers / teachers? Must they be entrepreneurs, themselves?
6. The participants: what is the best number of participants, in your opinion? Is there a minimum number? A maximum number?
7. The participants: the groups were mixed in age, in interests, in background. Is that OK, or is it better to have groups that are more similar?
8. The workshop was 5 days: is that OK? Or can it be shorter? Or should it be longer?
9. The curriculum: how effective were the activities that you presented?
10. The curriculum: is it good to have many activities to choose from? Or is this confusing? Is it better: to have a smaller number of activities in the curriculum?
11. The curriculum: is the presentation of the activities on the website (English text): OK? Are the descriptions clear? Should there be more information, or maybe less?
12. The curriculum: did you miss any activities? Any other information missing?
13. The curriculum: In your opinion, is the curriculum accessible and usable 'across the EU'?
14. Suggestions for improvements?
15. Other comments, remarks? 

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