Ole's info: about your stay

 About your stay:


Meal times:


5.30 pm           Evening buffet

8.30 pm           Evening coffee with cake


7.15 am           Morning buffet

10.00 am         Coffee break / fruit

12.00 pm         Smørrebrød (lunch)

2.30 pm           Coffee break

Evening           ’No. 14’ in Vejle


7.15 am           Morning buffet

10.00 am         Coffee break / fruit

12.00 pm         Lunch



We have reserved one mini bus for your whole stay for our use. Castberggaard is located about 20 km from Vejle train station (= about 20 min in car).


From / to Billund Airport:



We pick up at 2pm: Lynne, Luigi, Eddie, Liesbeth, eventually Ninja

A suggestion to Ninja: Take the airport bus to Vejle (60 DDK), and we will pick up you at the train station when we drive back from Billund at 2 pm (better than waiting for a long time at the airport).

We pick up Pia and Miriam at 10.40 pm.



I suppose you all want to visit Vejle? We can drive you all to the train station at 1 pm. After walking around in Vejle City you can take the airport bus from the train station to the airport (apprx 30 minutes, price 60 DDK, must be in cash). The train station is very close to the city and the mall street.

What about Ninja and  Liesbeth? Stay at Castberggaard and relaxing untill Saturday or go to Vejle with the group and stay there?

Hygge (the danish word for ’cosy’):

Castberggaard sells wine and beer.

Don’t tell anyone I’ve said that J, but if you have favourite brands (wine, beer or whatever) then bring it with you. We are alone at Castberggaard, so it wouldn’t be a problem.


Towels and bed lines are in the rooms. If needed: take with you a hair dryer and something like shampoo.

Meeting room:

Water, coffee and fruits will be served (we have a machine with different kind of coffee, tea, hot chokolate drink, open for your use 24h).

Our projectors (viewer) is compatible to both Pc and Mac (we have VGA and HDMI connections).


You are welcome to use our fitness room who is open 24/7 (take with you the right clothes for this).

We have a beautiful nature around Castberggaard if you are a running freak (again: take with you the right clothes for this).

Price per person: 1.335 DDK. Bills for every person (separate) will be made.

If more questions, then contact us.




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