Budget Workshops

International Workshop in Siena (Learning/Teaching/Training activities):


For distances between 100-1999 km.: 275 euros per person

Individual Support (subsistence):

100 euros per person, per day.

Planned number of days (including travel days): 7  (requirement: minimum number of workshop days = 5)

Planned number of participants: 

  • UCLAN: 4
  • CBG: 4
  • ISLA: 4  (no travel budget planned for ISLA)
  • Pragma: 1
  • R&R: 3

National workshops (Multiplier Events): UCLan, ISLA, CBG
Workplan, page 41

Planned: 5 days per workshop

Trainers: days to be charged to Output 2, curriculum and workshops
100 euros per participant, budgeted: 12 participants per workshop, (funding depends on the number of participants).
Exceptional costs (page 44 of the workplan): budget to pay for 2 invited presenters at the national workshop: 750 euros per country.

NB: Exceptional costs:

  • You must have an invoice to document the payment of the presenter.
  • Only 75% of the real costs can be charged to the budget. The other 25% has to be paid by your organisation. Maximum funding: 750 per country. To be able to charge 750 euros to the budget, your invoices should total 1.000 euros. 

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