Sigsn2Go: the Teachers

The Sign Language teachers who participated in the Signs2Go project, are:

Clark Denmark

Clark is a professional sign language trainer/teacher/lecturer and has developed BSL curriculum over the last 30 years at Durham University, Bristol University, with the BSL Academy at the British Deaf Association and now at the University of Central Lancashire at Preston, UK.

He comes from a Deaf family and BSL has always been his preferred language.

Unni Helland

Unni was born Deaf and learnt Sign Language in the Kindergarten. She lives in Trondheim and works on Møller-Trøndelag Resource Centre making teaching materials for the Deaf.


Randi Margrete Høidahl

Randi is a professional sign language teacher developing digital pedagogic material for Møller Resource Center, Trondheim, Norway.
She lost her hearing at the age of two and together with her family learned Norwegian sign language in the following years.

Tom Uittenbogert
Tom is deaf and has deaf parents and a deaf sister. He was born into a deaf world and learned sign language from his parents.   
He lives in Arnhem in the Netherlands and is self-employed; his company is 1.2.Communicate.
He is a professional sign language teacher, and develops tailor-made communication solutions for various audiences. 

Sabine Fries

Sabine studied Deaf Education and Theology. She is an ordained  protestant minister and certified sign language instructor. She has been teaching German Sign Language (DGS) to a wide range of target groups since 1988. She was involved in a number of projects and activities leading to the development of didactic concepts and teaching materials for sign language tuition.

From 1997 to 2004, she was involved in a number of projects and professional activities related to the bilingual-bicultural education of Deaf children.

Since 2004, she has been working as a lecturer in the Bachelor degree programme in Deaf Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. 

Luigi Lerose

Luigi lives in Padua, near Venice. He is a sign language
teacher at the University of Trieste and Bologna, Italy.

He is a PHD student at the Univerity of Klagenfurt, Austria.