The Future

When we developed theSigns2Go website,

  • We made the first website ever, for sign language users who want to learn a foreign sign language.
  • We made a website, without text: all info. is in sign language.
  • We developed from scratch a new approach to teach foreign sign languages to young deaf learners: by immersion in conversations and interviews of real sign language users - with two teachers to explain, translate, and motivate.
  • We developed software for the Signs2Go website: video linked to video, linked to video. A main screen with interviews, linked to video of teachers. Software for video-based e-teaching, with teachers available just-in-time, on demand, when and where the learner needs it. This is the Signs2Go platform.
  • We developed software for sign language exercises, including 'mirror' exercises: the signer records him/herself with a webcam and compares it to a model.

Signs2Go was a 2-year project. The Signs2Go team will continue to work together, in the BiBiKit project (

However, we very much want to continue
what we started with Signs2Go!
  • At the moment, the Signs2Go website can be used by sign language users from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. But we can add many more sign languages. Anyone interested in adding another sign language: please contact us! We will give you the scripts for the teacher, and instructions for the video. 
  • At the moment, the Signs2Go website can be used to learn BSL. We can use the same framework and software, to develop websites for other Sign Languages. If you are interested in using the Signs2Go framework to teach your own, or some other sign language: please contact us!
  • We have made long lists of other possibilities for the Signs2Go framework and platform. For instance:
    • In the main screen: video of a mother, telling a story in sign language to a child. On the side: a coach who explains what the mother does, and why. 
    • In the main screen: video of a deaf person in a job interview. Or: at the library. Or: in a shop. On the left side: a teacher who gives background explanation, on the right hand side, a teacher who explains the language that is used. If the website is for deaf immigrants: on the left, a teacher who used the sign language of the host country, on the right, a teacher who uses the national sign language of the immigrant.
    • In the main screen: video of a sign language teacher, teaching a class. On the left hand side: a teacher who explains about sign language linguistics: WHAT to teach. On the right a teacher who explains the didactics: HOW to teach.
    • .....


If you want to use the Signs2Go framework and platform for one of these options, or if you want to use the Signs2Go framework and software for some other objective:

please contact us!


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.